About Edenridge Day Care Centre

About Us

Edenridge Day Care Centre has been in operation since 1971 as a government licensed group child care facility. We are privately owned and operated and are proud to still be serving this community with excellence in quality of child care provided, and friendly service given. Our staff are committed providing safe and dependable care, with the flexibility and warmth, and love that parents expect. We promote in each child a positive self-image, while providing each child social, emotional and intellectual growth supported in an educational stimulating, home like environment.

Edenridge has always offered parents the flexibility and care they deserve, we have provided structure and consistency in our learning centre that is both fun, as well as challenging. Both full-time or part-time child care is available in our Fun Learning Programs - for children ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old.

We also provide care to parents with school age children, providing before/after school care programs - ages 5 to 12 years old.

Our hours and schedule are flexible to fit the needs of the parent or guardian. Please call us to book an appointment: 604.588.5722.

With fully qualified early childhood educators planning our daily programs, our teachers are highly experienced, and are always expanding their knowledge and skills. Some of our staff have worked at Edenridge for over 25 years, and so providing our families with quality, stability and security, we are working together as a team. We are a family at Edenridge, we are loyal and we are dedicated.

Edenridge is located at 9927-132 Street, in North Surrey and is in walking distance to the sky train and close to bus stops. Our facility has two levels that we provide child care in, and a large outdoor play area, that is fenced in and surrounded by beautiful tall trees.

Edenridge is proud to be part of this growing community, as we now begin to celebrate 44 years of business and still providing A+ service to all our parents, we will continue to give to you our best in our services, and in our providing education and care to our children to improve the quality of teaching, to ensure that all children are effectively challenged in their learning. We also want to thank all the many families thru the years that we have cared for and in those 43 years, your support and your confidence in us has been appreciated.

Edenridge is open 12 months of the year from Monday to Friday. Opening as early as 6:30 am and closing at 6:00 pm. Our hours are flexible depending on parents needs.

To register please call us at: 604.588.5722. An appointment is needed to view the centre.

Full licensed daycare with professional and reliable staff.


We aim to provide daily experiences that support and promote each child's physical, emotional, social, communication, cognitive, ethical and creative development. We promote the vision that every child is capable and full of potential.

We strive to develop and maintain an overall environment that supports the development of all children. And best of all, we like to have fun!


As children learn through play, our program offers indoor and outdoor activities, as well as stories, songs, rhythmic activities, art experiences, cooking, gym days and games with other children.

In our program, we will provide the opportunity for the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of each child. We are also flexible to each child's needs.

Learn Through Play

Our early childhood education framework in BC promotes learning through play. Play is considered the "work" of children. Through play, children interact with, explore and make sense of the world around them, while playing alone or with others. The positive emotions and enjoyment related with play are very important. Children have fun through play; play enhances learning; and children learn through play.

Early Learning

Our vision and principles follow the BC early learning framework for children. The areas of early learning are: well being and belonging, exploration and creativity, language and literacies and social responsibility and diversity.

Children will have fun while being supported to develop the skills , knowledge and disposition for learning in our challenging and changing society.

Children's Families

Our goal is to establish an open, cooperative relationship with each child's family and other community services involved with the child.

We have created a relaxing and flexible environment where families feel comfortable asking questions, sharing information and expressing their needs and wants for their children and schedule.

We encourage and appreciate parental interest in the centre's activities and welcome any comments from parents and families. We always want to keep the channel of communication open.

Licensed Daycare

Since the opening of the day care in 1971, Edenridge Day Care Centre has been a government licensed group child care facility, and is licensed to care of 30 children from ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old, and 9 school age children from ages 5 to 12 years old, providing families with full time or part time care twelve months of the year.

The Child Care Licensing Regulation sets out rules and regulations for health and safety requirements, license requirements, staffing qualifications, staff to child ratio, and they also set out rules for space equipment, and program standards.

Legacy Award

Edenridge Day Care Centre received the Child Care Legacy Award from the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Minister Responsible for Child Care.

The award is given to child care facilities that have been in operation for 40 years in recognition of the long service provided by child care centres in BC, the dedicated role in caring for children, supporting families as they work, and making communities a better place to live.

Edenridge Day Care Centre attended the Award Presentation and received the Legacy Award in 2011.

Giving Back

Edenridge Day Care Centre supports Plan Canada. Through support and donation, children in developing countries have a chance to improve their lives.

Over the years, we have also continued to work with institutions and provide work experiences to students.

Dear Mrs. Vollman and Evi,
Thank you so much for participating in our work experience program. I know that our students have learned a lot about child care. Your efforts and time are very much appreciated.